Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill is a town in Cumberland County, Tennessee.  According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 1.6 square miles.

Pleasant Hill was first settled by European Americans before 1819. In 1884 a teacher from the American Missionary Association (AMA) established the Pleasant Hill Academy to provide broad liberal arts education for rural youth, while also giving vocational training in agriculture and local skills. Supported by the Congregational Church, the school operated until 1947.

May Cravath Wharton, an early woman physician from Minnesota, established a medical clinic at the academy, where her husband was the director.  Wharton also cared for people in the community. They invited her to stay after the death of her husband Edwin.

Wharton created a small hospital and, with successful fundraising in New England through the AMA, she was able to add a sanatorium annex for the care of people with tuberculosis. As no antibiotic was known at the time, rest and good nutrition were the only treatment. The Uplands Sanatorium was adapted as a retirement home when the hospital was relocated to Crossville, the county seat. The hospital is now known as the Cumberland Medical Center.

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